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Virtually every organisation will feel that they have a reasonable understanding of their key operational and business processes. It may be the case, that for 99% of these transactions and processes, this assumption is correct. But in reality, it is the remaining 1% or perhaps 0.1% that create business critical issues.

So how can an organisation cut through the operational ‘noise’ and focus on those transactions that do not conform? The answer is Process Mining Software.

SAP Process Mining

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the market leading process mining tool, it uses data directly from ERP, Incident Management / Service Management and CRM type systems. ProcessAnalyzer has a host of ready made application plugins, that enable rapid returns in process mining Remedy, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor M3, Epicor and Salesforce. ProcessAnalyzer automatically creates a process flow view of each and every transaction. This provides business users with full transactional insight and the ability to fully understand and identify those transactions and processes that do not conform as expected. Once a process anomaly has been identified, users can carry out detailed analysis to fully understand the reasons for the non-compliance.

Process Miing for RPA

ProcessAnalyzer can also compare your existing ‘as-drawn’ process maps with the true ‘as-is’ process (as derived within ProcessAnalyzer). Using the process conformance feature, users are able to see how often the true as-is process conforms (or not) with the assumed ‘as-drawn’ process, highlighting where most failures occur and the individual factors influencing any specific failures.

Our consultants are highly experienced in Process Mining SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, Remedy, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Infor M3, Epicor etc. not only in terms of extracting the data, but also in the interpretation of the end results.

As well as the highly visual and simple to understand visual flow representation, ProcessAnalyzer also provides full process KPI analysis, through pre-canned and self service dashboards, allowing users to identify for example, the underlying factors that are influencing a particular process anomaly.

ProcessAnalyzer extracts data from the source transaction system(s) and produces a highly visual re-creation of the transaction process flow. ProcessAnalyzer can filter out incomplete and erroneous data to ensure that only ‘clean data’ is analysed.

With ProcessAnalyzer, users can benefit from AI generated process cluster analysis. These clusters are produced against the selected data / process flows and are dynamic. The cluster analysis helps users understand certain characteristics within their data / models, that would potentially remain unseen without this type of analysis.

With process prediction, this world class process mining tool allows you to predict the outcome of transactions as they move through the process, for example, predicting which invoices will not be paid on time, or which service incidents will not be resolved in line with their SLAs.

Process Mining Tool

With the forensic level insight that ProcessAnalyzer is able to provide, we are finding an increasing number of clients relying on the tool to help deliver key migration projects such as process mining for SAP Hana migration.

Another key use case for QPR ProcessAnalyzer is Process Mining for Robotic Process Automation. There are many published studies widely available which show the value of automating existing processes, but equally there are many studies detailing the failure of such projects. In essence, the fundamental reasons RPA projects fail is due the lack of detailed understanding of the process from the outset. Process Mining for RPA completely transforms that understanding.

Process Mining for Robotic Process Automation allows users to completely understand the process at a forensic level and provide clear insight as to the most suitable processes, (or parts of the process) for automation. With the enhanced features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, users can easily create RPA dashboards to monitor the ongoing performance of the process, plus by using the tools AI based Prediction Analysis feature, users can continually predict the future outcome of the process as a whole, or at an individual transaction level as they journey through the process.

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer is delivering forensic level insight to both national and global organisations, spanning many different industries and geographies. Whether the focus is on specific targeted processes such as process mining OtC or process mining P2P or on more generic areas such as process mining for RPA or process mining for HANA migration, ProcessAnalyzer continues to develop and evolve to ensure it remains ahead of the process mining tool pack, as a result delivering ever increasing strategic insight and value across the organisation.

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