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To have an effective strategic performance management / balanced scorecard system, an organisation not only requires a highly crafted strategy map and balanced scorecard model, but also the ability to bring the model ‘to life’. There are numerous examples of excellent strategy maps and balanced scorecard models that simply never fulfil their promise. The main reason for this, is that the systems never get adopted across the organisation, due to the unimaginative way they are designed, presented and managed. To have a truly successful performance management system, an organisation requires dedicated performance management / balanced scorecard software.

Corporate Insight recommends QPR Metrics, from QPR Software, a best of breed performance management / balanced scorecard tool

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When it comes to balanced scorecard software, we believe that simplicity is the key and with QPR Metrics, the system is simple to implement, simple to use and simple to manage.

In our experience, clients want a highly visual balanced scorecard tool that is easy to understand and easy to operate. Whether this is accessing the strategy map, dashboards, action plans or meeting (briefing) books, clients want to gain access to tailored information designed for their specific need, with one click.

And for those responsible for designing and managing the performance models, they want a very simple ‘drag and drop’ model design, that allows for changes to be made simply and with easy integration into other ‘source’ software systems, if automated data collection is required.

Typically our balanced scorecard software systems are built and ready to use in a matter of days or a few short weeks. This means that clients spend significantly less time and money on developing their system.

QPR Metrics is a great solution for strategic performance management, operational management, risk management and people management.

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