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Our process mining consultants have delivered countless process mining consulting projects across a wide variety of industries, covering many different software systems and business / operational processes, such as process mining order to cash, purchase to pay, service management, incident management, customer management or supply chain etc.

Every medium and large scale enterprise has software systems that produce huge quantities of transactional data. This data can be in many forms and generated from many disparate processes across the business. If these systems are generating tens or hundreds of thousands of transactions every week / month / quarter, then how can an organisation truly keep track of what is actually happening and how can they find that ‘needle in the haystack’ i.e. those transactions, that for some reason, fail to conform with required process standards and as a result, create business critical issues.

The answer is Process Mining. Process Mining extracts transaction data from ERP / CRM / Service Management type systems and uses that data to analyse and draw a consolidated process map view of what is really happening.

Process Mining
In order to carry out a basic process analysis, we require the following:
  1. Case ID (perhaps a customer number, purchase order number, batch ID, claim ID, service ticket etc.)
  2. Description of each step within the process (such as; order raised, incident logged, goods received etc.)
  3. Time stamp of each step as it is executed within the process.

With these three basic attributes, our process mining consultants are able to produce a process map view showing all relevant transactions and anomalies. However, the more data we are able to include within the analysis scope, the more valuable the output will be. For example, if we can include data on say the product type, the sales channel, the distribution method, the branch, the account manager, the incident priority level etc. then we can start to benchmark and compare the same process by any of these additional attributes. These additional attributes also allow us to identify the specific factors that may be influencing any non-compliant part of the process.

For customers that do not wish to commit their own resources to process mining and / or do not wish to purchase a software tool from the outset, we provide a full end to end process mining consulting service. Our consultants work with the client to identify those areas that require the initial process analysis, we then obtain the relevant data, input this into a secure hosted system and then with the client, jointly analyse the results.

Interview with user of Process Mining Consultancy - Nokia

These results may identify potential process bottlenecks, process anomalies or general areas for improvement, that require further investigation. Conversely, the analysis may confirm areas of process excellence, enabling the replication and roll out of process best practice across other parts of the organisation, to deliver continuous improvement.

Our consultants can provide a process comparison service, whereby we import data from a client’s existing process maps and compare these original ‘as-drawn’ process maps with the true ‘as-is’ process (as taken from the client’s ERP / CRM / ITSM data etc.) We can then show for example, how often the real process fails to comply with the assumed ‘as-drawn’ process, highlighting where the variances occur and how frequently etc.

We can also provide a process prediction service, which means that we are able to take the client’s transactional data and predict the outcome of specific transactions that will fail to execute as expected. In practice, this might be, predicting which invoices will not be paid on time, or perhaps which incidents will not be resolved on time and therefore fail to meet their respect SLA.

For those customers that wish to become self-sufficient from the outset, we provide the market leading process mining software tool, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, along with all necessary product training and support. If required, we will participate in an initial joint project(s) with the client, in order to help with the familiarisation of the tool and methodology.

For more detail on order to cash process mining, purchase to pay process mining, incident management process mining, service management process mining, supply chain process mining etc. then please visit out contact page to request more information.

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