Can SAP Process Mining be achieved at a reasonable cost?

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Process Mining SAP can bring huge benefits to an organisation, in terms of delivering real transparency across the operational processes.
But can you receive the full benefits that process mining has to offer, whilst keeping a firm control of the project costs?

One answer is to use QPR ProcessAnalyzer. ProcessAnalyzer is a market leading process mining tool which has ready-made plugin scripts for SAP processes such as Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay. These scripts ensure that projects can deliver true operational insight in just a few days, rather than in weeks or months, which is far more typical for projects of this nature.

Clearly having a project up and running in perhaps 2 to 3 days means that the resource costs are certainly controlled, so then we need to consider the software itself. Different process mining tools can deliver varied outputs, which means that any tools under consideration need to be compared closely to ensure like for like features.

We would suggest that process mining tools, should not only to deliver the visualised process flow views along with details transactional analysis, but they should also provide value added features such as

  • process prediction – the ability to predict the outcome of any transaction
  • process conformance – the ability to compare the as-is process (using the SAP data) with the client’s existing as-drawn process map data taken from tools such as Visio, Aris or Orbus.
  • User friendly, simple to build, interactive dashboards, able to respond seamlessly, with the selected elements within the respective process map and analysis views.

The actual software costs are dependant upon a number of factors, such as:

  • The licence type – i.e. purchase or annual subscription
  • Any hosting requirements
  • The number of users, split into full users (analysers) and viewers

Annual subscription pricing allows an organisation to make full use of the software, without investing too heavily up front, instead the software is paid for on an annual basis. Annual subscription therefore ensures that the project start-up costs for the software are strictly controlled.

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we therefore believe an SAP process mining project can be delivered at a very reasonable cost and will usually deliver value many times over within the first year of deployment.

For more details on QPR ProcessAnalyzer, please visit our ProcessAnalyzer page.

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