Strategy Mapping Consultancy, Training & Implementation

Every organisation has a strategy, some will be closely ‘guarded’ by the senior management team, others will be shared amongst their employees and perhaps stakeholders and customers.

Yet research shows that only 10% of organisations are seen as successful, when it comes to strategy execution. What’s more, within that 10%, only half of those organisations can say that their employees fully understand the strategy and the part they play in helping deliver it.

Corporate Insight can help your organsiation become one of those that are ‘strategically enlightened’

When it comes to communicating an organisation’s strategic direction, strategy maps can play a vital part. In essence, they provide a high-level pictorial view of the organisation’s strategy. They should show the way the organisation looks at itself, through the use of perspectives, they should show the strategic objectives, that if excelled at, will help the organisation deliver on its strategy and vision and they may also show any strategic themes, which help shape the positioning of the objectives.

We provide strategy mapping consultancy services to enable organisations to reassess; where they are today, where they want to be and how they want get there.

This process is achieved through a series of executive interviews / workshops. We work with the client to effectively map out the organisation’s strategy.

Once we have the ‘corporate’ strategy map in place and agreed, it can, if required, be used as the foundation and blueprint to create a series of strategically aligned departmental / business unit strategy maps.

The completed strategy map(s) then becomes the building block for a strategic performance management / balanced scorecard model(s)

Our strategy mapping consultants have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, built up by delivering many different projects, to many different market sectors over many years both in the UK and internationally.

Our aim is to develop long term trusted partnerships with each and every client.

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