QPR ProcessDesigner

Delivering Business Process Improvement

Utilising the best of breed process mapping tool in conjunction with the right expertise, is vital to ensuring a highly effective, professional and successful Business Process Modelling project.

Corporate Insight recommends QPR ProcessDesigner, from QPR Software

QPR ProcessDesigner is the very best process mapping software system for streamlining operations in order to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, manage risks or ensure regulatory compliance.

Whist an extremely powerful and capable tool, QPR ProcessDesigner is very easy to use. Using the QPR portal, users can gain access to all of their process models with one click.

Process Mapping

By utilising the QPR Portal, users have the ability to create action or risk plans which form part of the business modelling review process.

Those organisation which have QPR ProcessDesigner and QPR Metrics have the additional capability of linking their process maps to their performance models. This allows users to view the process and the associated performance indicator at the same time.

Process Management

Having the ability to view processes, gauge their performance, raise and manage the necessary actions in order to address any issues, gives QPR users total performance management.

QPR has been given a Positive rating in Gartner’s MarketScope for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (Nov 13), no other vendor scored higher.

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