QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Automated Business Process Discovery

Virtually every organisation will feel that they have a reasonable understanding of their key processes and transaction flows. It may be the case that for 99% of these transactions and processes, this assumption is correct. But in reality it is the remaining 1% that can create customer satisfaction and operational issues. It is this 1%, or perhaps 0.1% of all transactions that may in reality create the customer churn that orgainsations work so hard to avoid. So how can an orgainsation cut through the ‘noise’ to focus on those transactions that do not conform and as a result, create the real business issues.

The answer is QPR ProcessAnalyzer, an automated business process discovery / process mining tool. Using data direclty from the transaction system, ProcessAnalyzer will automatically create a process flow diagram of each and every transaction. This provides business users with full transactional insight and the ability to fully understand and identify those transactions and processes that do not conform to standard procedures. Once identified users can carry out detailed analysis to fully understand the reasons for the non-compliance.

Every medium and large scale organisation will have numerous IT systems, databases and log files which contain transaction data that can provide a detailed picture of exactly how processes are executed. But most organsations fail to make the most of this key resource. This is because without process mining software, the task of obtaining the data and fully understanding it, is typically far too complex to achieve. Traditional methods of carrying out this type of analysis, required a very labour intensive and hands on approach. This has generally proved to be a very costly and inefficient method of obtaining the true picture. The solution to implementing a highly efficient, insightful and process mining capability, is therefore to use ProcessAnalyzer

QPR ProcessAnalyzer extracts data from the source transaction system(s) and produces a highly visual re-creation of the transaction process flow. ProcessAnalyzer can filter out incomplete and erroneous data to ensure that only ‘clean data’ is analysed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer
QPR ProcessAnalyzer

With world class process mining software and highly skilled process analysis consultants, Corporate Insight offer a fixed-price process analysis service

This will:
• Enable an organisation to save significant time and money when compared to traditional, methods of manual process discovery.
• Provide business users with a fact-based “as-is” view of their operational processes.
• Provide business users with the ability to track process changes and monitor development improvements as they unfold.

For more information on our process mining software please visit our papers / fact sheets download page.