QPR Metrics

Driving Performance Improvement

For any organisation to derive the maximum possible value from their balanced scorecard / performance management system, they must use a best of breed software system. Without one, all of that hard work and expense is simply wasted.

There are many published case studies of potentially excellent balanced scorecard models that simply never fulfilled their potential. One reason for this, is that the systems were never truly adopted by their respective organisations, due in part to the way they were deployed, presented, utilised and managed.

To have an effective performance management system, an organisation not only requires a highly crafted strategy map and performance model, they also need to be able to bring their model ‘to life’. To have a truly successful Performance Management system, an organisation requires dedicated Performance Management software

Corporate Insight recommends QPR Metrics, from QPR Software.

Of the many balanced scorecard software systems available within the market, we believe that QPR Metrics stands out as the best of breed.

When it comes to balanced scorecard software, we believe customers are looking for a system that is extremely effective and highly visual, but as importantly; is simple to implement, simple to use and simple to manage. With QPR Metrics we believe you get just that.

In our experience, this system is highly visual, is simple to understand and simple to operate. Whether this is accessing the strategy map, operational dashboards, creating action plans or briefing books, clients want to gain access to tailored information designed for their specific need, with just one click.

Scorecard designers also have some fundamental requirements; they want a system that is simple to use, they want to be able to create imaginative designs, they want to reduce their dependency on IT, they want to be able to change or add measures, by simply dragging and dropping and they want to be able to manage the scorecard going forward, without the need for ongoing consultancy.

With systems designed for manual data entry, models are typically built and ready to use in a matter of days. Where data integration with source systems is required, projects can be longer, depending upon the complexity of the source data system. In essence, users of QPR software, spend significantly less time and money on developing their systems.

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