Enterprise Architecture Consultancy & Training

Our team of enterprise architect consultants are highly experienced in their respective fields and have each worked on a large number of public and private sector projects.

We work with organisations who are both new to enterprise architecture and are about to embark on their EA journey and with organisations who have already established a mature enterprise architecture practice. The enterprise architecture services we deliver are tailored to meet the needs of each specific project.

Our enterprise architects have a wealth of experience in frameworks such as TOGAF®. However, we believe that having and in-depth knowledge of the leading frameworks alone is not enough. We understand that clients require far more. Clients want to be able to see value early within the modelling process. Business benefits must be delivered throughout the project. We understand that clients are looking for a more business centric approach to enterprise architecture. Our consultants are therefore able to communicate and deliver architectural solutions that meet the increasing needs of corporate management.

For those organisations that recognise enterprise architecture as a strategic discipline by aligning strategy with operations, then we recommend the deployment of QPR’s enterprise architecture software and their Operational Development Model framework (ODM). This framework is heavily based on TOGAF® and uses ArchiMate® notation, but it takes both concepts to a new level. In essence, the framework adds a strategic business layer, which as a result, provides senior management with an easier understanding of how the alignment of strategy, capabilities, processes and technologies etc. is achieved. By presenting the architecture in a language that business users can simply understand, encourages greater engagement within the overall architectural process.

It is our view that in order to produce maximum value and deliver its full potential, enterprise architecture must be able to create a picture of strategic alignment across the organisation, presented in a way that is easily understood by the business community. With the combination of our enterprise architecture consultancy, focused on the  business centric benefits, and QPR’s ODM Framework, we believe that we are able to deliver just that.

Within our portfolio of enterprise architecture services, we offer customised enterprise architecture training courses, tailored to meet the client’s specific need.

These courses can range from high level enterprise architecture training / awareness sessions for those organisations who wish to gain a better understanding of EA (for example, exploring the various frameworks and methodologies, through to organisational / practice requirements and ultimately the benefits delivered); to more formal training courses covering areas such as QPR’s enterprise architecture software, TOGAF® and ArchiMate®.

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