We pride ourselves on the high quality services we deliver.

  • Process Mining consultancy
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Performance Management consultancy
  • Balanced Scorecard consultancy
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Enterprise Architecture consultancy
  • Business Architecture consultancy
  • Automated Business Process Discovery

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performance management consultancy
performance management systems


We pride ourselves on the high quality software products we deliver.

    For those projects that require a software solution, we recommend the best of breed systems from QPR Software.
    QPR develop world class software tools that are highly effective, yet simple to use.

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Continuous improvement is a key objective for every forward thinking organisation. Whether the improvements are focused on strategy, people, capabilities, processes, technologies or the alignment of all, organisations must continually reassess and evolve in order to maintain success over the longer term.

We are a leading management consultancy, focused on delivering solutions in Process Mining, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecards, Business Process Modelling, Automated Business Process Discovery, Strategy Mapping, Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture. We provide the right consulting advice, support and technology in order to help our clients continue along the path of strategic growth and development.

We are proud of the long-term relationships that we develop with our customers .

Our approach is to focus on a small number of highly valued customers and to deliver an outstanding level of service  and support. Whether this be through our Process Mining consultants, helping clients to identify flaws within their supply chain process, Performance Management Consultants, delivering strategically aligned Performance Management Systems, or our Enterprise Architects, creating a ‘post- acquisition’ transformational road map.

Our aim is the same; building trusted, long-term relationships, based on delivering strategic value.

We have a diverse client base, operating in areas such as:

We partner with QPR Software, a provider of world class software products.

QPR Metrics for: Balanced Scorecard software, Performance Management software and Strategy Mapping

QPR EnterpriseArchitect for: Enterprise Architecture software and Business Architecture software

QPR ProcessAnalyzer for: Automated Business Process Discovery and Process Mining

QPR ProcessDesigner for: Business Process Modelling

QPR ProcessAnalyzer
QPR Metrics
QPR ProcessDesigner
QPR EnterpriseArchitect